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Baby Dragon Glass

Just a few of the items of glass and jewellery I make

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Hi, my name is Pat - welcome to my website.


I live in Wirral, within the UK, and enjoy living very close to Liverpool and Chester with their energy, spirit and history.

I am a member of the Contemporary Glass Society in the UK.


If you are enthusiastic about handmade items you've come to the right place!

All the fused glass items on the site are designed individually and fused in my own kiln within my craft studio.

My enthusiasm and creative energy goes into each piece, as I hope you will see as you visit each of the pages.

Texture, colour and form are extremely important to me, as I wish to expand the experience of the glass by every admirer of each piece, not just by viewing it - but by handling it too and experiencing the different and often very subtle textures.

This suncatcher "Thistle" gives an idea of the flower, but uses different colours to the natural form using coarse glass frit and also a medium frit.

The surface is not smooth but is raised, to give a different dimension and quality to the piece.

The leaves are offered as an 'idea' of the quality of thistle leaves and contain a sparkling element, such as you find when the sun catches the small spines and bristles covering the leaves and stem.

The suncatcher is hung via a chain to ensure safety and security in hanging.

Although this piece has now been sold it is quite stunning when held against a window.

If you wish to see more please visit:-

  • My facebook page - Baby Dragon Glass Art.

I also have an ETSY shop. It is called Frabjous Things and has handmade items I have created in different mediums.